Low Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability

March 29, 2018 10:00

If you’ve ever been faced with flying a mission near a controlled airspace, you know the frustration. The lengthy FAA authorization form. The 90-day backlog. Drones are supposed to streamline your operations and give you real-time data, but there’s nothing streamlined about a 90-day wait period just to fly within five miles of an airport.
The good news: this frustrating backlog is finally coming to an end. DroneDeploy users can now skip the 90-day wait and apply for near real-time airspace authorization from directly within the DroneDeploy platform.
This month, DroneDeploy partners AirMap and Skyward are bringing this new capability to the industry, allowing you to take full advantage of LAANC — the FAA’s new Low-Altitude Authorization and Notification Capability initiative. (More on LAANC in a minute.)

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